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Sage Products
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White Sage and Mountain Sage

New Packaged Products

Large individually packaged Smudge stick

Large Specialty labeled package $3.50

Mixed: 1 of each

Large White; Large Regular Mountain; Mini White; Mini Mountain $12.00

Mini wht. smudge stick 4 pk.

Mini specialty sticks (Essence Filled)

4 per labeled package $ 9.50

Mini & Large Mountain Sage Smudges

4 per package (2 each) $11.50

Mini and Large White Sage Smudges

4 per package (2 each) $13.00

Mixed Essence Size Smudges

4 per package (2 large and 2 small) $8.00

Essence Fillings:

Copal; Cedar; Lavender; and Pinon

Please check back for picture updates the week of April 26 2009