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About Us
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We have had DreamSage for 12 plus years. We are appreciative that we have been given the opportunity to be part of such a great experience, not only with the sage itself, but also with the wonderful people it has led us to. Judy, along with her son, Ryan, rolled and sold Sage, under the name, Windwalker Wildcrafts. Judy became The Sage Lady and Ryan, The Sagebrush Kid. Another addition to the DreamSage family is Amber Rose, my daughter now 9. John also has joined the team as have several of his children.

Our Business Philosophy

Our business is dedicated to the production of good quality, & inexpensive products which improve the lives of our customers.

Our Company

Even though we have had a lot of help over the years, we are basically a family owned and operated business. Judy and John have the help of our children, and friends. John and Judy are both creative and artistic perfectionists.  We are very people oriented and both are quite the charmers! We love the fun and the travel, as we do the quiet nights at home, working side by side. We feel that the sage gets some of its positive energy, by being created by our family's team efforts.

Choosing Serenity

When our home is full of Sage, it brings with it a greater sense of peacefulness and well being. We pray together for continued harmony and are more connected to the rest of the world, so we believe strongly in the traditional concepts that surround the sage, which we feel is the reason for its continued use through the thousands of years, in which it has been, and still is held, as Sacred.

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Family and friends are not only important, but being part of the family of life in a wholesome and loving way, connected to every living thing, is better than wealth, or hobbies, or material things. All of which pale in comparision, and are often a waste of what would otherwise be some of the most precious moments we have been given. We love our lifestyle, and our friends, we wish the same blessings for each of you.